Friday, June 11, 2010


So the big decision we are wrestling with now (or should I say NEED to start wrestling with) is buying a car. I'll preface this by saying I am not really a car person. Don't get me wrong, I don't want a total junker, but it's really hard for me to spend that much money on a car. However, if we are going to buy a new car, I want it to be nice since we plan on keeping it for a while. Such a dilemma. I know some people enjoy the prospect of looking for a car...I dread it.

I have always had decent cars...never new but decent. My parents got me a blue Sundance when I turned 16. This was my least favorite car, but after a small accident in a parking lot (not my fault, but who would have thought the guy could get out of paying for the repair by just disappearing), my parents bought me a gold Saturn. I really liked my Saturn, but unfortunately, my sister totaled it while I was studying abroad in France (love ya sis). Then they got me a gray Camry which I still drive today. It has been such a fabulous car in that it has needed very few repairs (I think I've taken it to the shop maybe twice), it has almost 189,000 miles on it, and it gets me from A to B. Granted, it is missing it's Toyota symbol in the front (makes it look a little ghetto), the paint is starting to peel off the top, and the middle seat belt in the back seat is gnawed in half due to a bored puppy on a long car ride (we still love you Truman).

Even though the car is still functioning, with the thought of our growing family, we feel like maybe we should get a little bigger car. Also, we've been able to save up money for a car, and who knows how easy it will be to do that in the future. So the question turns to, what car is the best? We are looking at the Toyota RAV and Honda CRV. We like foreign cars (thanks to my parents' influence), they are mid size but more room than what we have. Then I start to think, is it silly to get a "bigger" car that still only has 3 seats in the back? Will we just have to upgrade in several years once we have 1 or 2 more kiddoes? Oh the decisions. I'm sure I'm over-thinking all of this, and Kev does not act concerned, but it's a lot of money to spend (even though we are looking at used cars). Any opinions are welcome.


  1. We are dealing with this as well and I'm like you- cars just don't amaze me that much. I still love my yellow cavalier. Yet, getting a baby in a 2-door is miserable, so I will be buying a new car next week.

    I decided on the Chevy Equinox because it has awesome gas mileage, it's affordable and has a lot of trunk room. However, I'm nearly panicked about the thought of buying it! Aaron keeps reminding me that I'm doing it for Gil!!!

  2. I know the decision you're having to least it's sort of by choice. My car began to die about 10 days before Christmas and we were hoping to get another 2-3 years out of it before buying another. Since I had no intentions on buying a car I didn't know what I wanted at all. I knew we would have it for a long time so we had to factor in potential kids and we began looking at the Toyota Rav4, Honda CR-V, Hyndai Santa Fe and Mazda CX-7. We decided on the Rav 4 (for various reasons but to us, it was the most bang for our buck) and I have really enjoyed having it. They didn't have the new Chevy Equinox out when we were looking so I probably would have considered that too. My Rav is comfortable, has good room in the front and back seats and also the "trunk" area. I like it because there's a compartment below the "trunk" area to put stuff (and it hides it too). Also, the back seats will move forward and back. I've been getting great gas milage in it for a SUV. Going to work and around town I'll average 25-26 and when we went on our trip driving a lot, we got 28-29. As for the room - I guess it just depends on how many kids you plan for...I only plan on 2 so hopefully this car will get me through without having another row of seats but we'll cross that bridge if plans change. :) I know you can go to a dealer and see them but I'd be more than happy to meet you if you want to see mine. Good luck with the decision making - that's always a tough job!

    P.S. I signed up for a blog just so I could comment on your page. :) Doubt I'll do much blogging myself but we'll see....the future Grandmas may want me to start. :)

  3. Hey! I met you at the baby shower, and have been following your blog through Jen's blog for a while now (creepy sorta ;)

    Josh and I are expecting our third baby, and when we first had Clare (our first) we bought an equinox which is pretty similar to the RAV or CRV. All Wonderful SUVs but we fell into a problem with our Equinox, in the fact that if we wanted to travel anywhere with the baby and the MOUNTAINS of baby gear, we simply did not have enough room. (stroller, baby bed, suitcases, toys, bumbo...etc it was just crowded. We are now shopping for a van or a SUV with the third row in it for the extra room..which is what I recommend if you plan on more then two kids...

    Good luck

  4. BJ and I say to get a used car...even if it's just a year old!! We love our subaru! Just remember to get something with a big trunk space (for the big, bulky stroller)! Also, BJ's bro has a toyota highlander. This is a cool car because it's perfect for growing families...the very back has the option for a third row of seats!

  5. I've had my Highlander for over 5 years. It is a 2003 and is fabulous! I also had a previous Toyota in h.s. I LOVE Toyota! The new Ravs are pretty roomie too!