Saturday, July 17, 2010

36 weeks

36! Where has the time gone? This last trimester is definitely going faster, and I am not complaining. In my head, 36 weeks was the earliest I wanted to go into labor (if I could choose that is). Now baby girl can come any day!
I can definitely tell she's growing...the necessity of wearing a maternity tank top under my shirt shows that. I went to the doctor on Wednesday to do my Group B strep (so fun), but he also checked me which was exciting. He said my cervix is still posterior but it is softening and I am dilated to a fingertip. Made me so excited! I will be exciting to go back this Wednesday, and now I get to go in weekly.

Here are some pictures of our nursery...finally...sorry Jen. We still have a couple of things to do, but I think it's starting to come together.

We love our decal from Etsy and our fabulous new chair!
Better picture of the chair.
Paper lanterns on the opposite side.
Definitely NOT as easy to hang up as you would think.
Dresser/changing table. We've had the dresser forever (I think we got it at a garage sale), but Kev made the little box to go on the top. We were also very proud of our pictures we made to go above it. We're so crafty but not really.

Our goals this weekend are to pack our hospital bag (so exciting!), install baby girl's car seat, and do some last touches to our nursery. I love this kind of stuff. It's hard to believe we're getting down to the final details, and it makes me SO excited!


  1. Can't believe how close you are to bringing Baby Estep home! The nursery is adorable and I love your art work - I thought it was more stuff from etsy. P.S. it's no fair how cute and petite you are at 36 weeks...I'm jealous! :)

  2. You look incredible and I love the nursery!!! Those colors are gorgeous and I LOVE the wall art.

  3. The nursery is too cute, love it! We still have to get our present to you guys...I can't believe how close you are to having your sweet baby girl!

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  5. erica, okay I posted a comment and then I don't know what happened! I love the nursery it is adorable!!! You also look fabulous as always!!!

  6. The nursery is adorable! Emmee Kate's is done in birdies as well! We have the exact bedding from PBK-love it! You look great!

  7. Erica! Oh my goodness you are so tiny and adorable. So glad you're past the 36 week mark. And I love the nursery!

  8. 1. You look amazing.
    2. I LOVE the nursery! It's exactly how I pictured it from all the things you have told me. Love the chair, and the lanterns, and the bedding, and the art, and the decal.
    3. Baby E could be here any day. :)

    Love you friend!