Thursday, July 22, 2010

Doctors appointment

I had a doctors appointment on Wednesday which of course I was super excited about. I love updates. Even if they're not super exciting updates, it just makes me feel like we are making progress. Maybe it's just a weird quirk of mine.

So here is our weekly update. Her heart rate was 130 and it sounded so loud! I thought maybe because she is getting so big...or maybe just because they had the monitor turned up, not quite sure. :) I like to think it's because she is getting big. I am still measuring small, like usual. This did make me kind of nervous for a while, but I actually had a growth ultrasound several weeks ago, and she was measuring 5 days ahead of schedule. I guess it must just be the way she's situated in there. My doctor checked me and said I'm dilated to a "good 1." That was exciting, even though I know we have a long way to go. Then he said the beautiful words, "I'm going to be out of town from August 2nd to the 8th...had I mentioned that to you before?" No, he had definitely NOT mentioned it, and it was definitely not what I wanted to hear him say since our due date is the 14th. Don't get me wrong, I'm sure OB doctors of all doctors need vacations, I just didn't want that vacation to be around the time I was scheduled to deliver. Oh well, I guess we'll just have to see when she decides it's a good time to come, and it might be when he is out of town.

I'm still feeling relatively good. Even though I am officially scheduled out of clinic, I am still going in to clinic and still assisting in surgery. At this point, I figure maybe it will help me go into labor if I stand on my feet for 8 hours in surgery. I am still trying to work out but it's pretty pitiful. Let's just say I have to walk slow enough on the treadmill that it doesn't make my heart rate go up much and I don't even break a sweat. A workout without sweating seems like a waste to me. Pilates makes me sweat, but as of Wednesday, I could no longer do a roll-up. It was a sad day. I feel very blessed that I have not had any real swelling yet (unless I'm outside in the heat), but I'm waiting for it to happen any day. I still have not had any reflux to speak of (so if the old wive's tale is true, we are going to have a really bald baby girl), and I think she must have dropped some because I feel like I am able to eat more again (which is not necessarily a good thing).

I'm looking forward to meeting our pediatrician tomorrow. We scheduled a meet and greet so we don't have to meet him/her in the hospital for the first time. We are also celebrating Kev's birthday tomorrow night, which I'm super excited about. His actually birthday is August 15th and my due date is the 14th, so we figured it might be a good idea to do something now while life is still relatively uncomplicated. Can't wait!


  1. Glad you had a good check up but it's not a nice surprise to find out your doctor may be gone for the delivery if she makes an early arrival. I'm with you...hoping that working in the OR and clinic will make me go into labor a little earlier. Hope you have a good evening celebrating!

  2. I'm glad you and baby are doing so well! It's almost time now! Sorry to hear about your doc's vacation, but hopefully she'll come when he's going to be around. I actually asked mine this week if he has any vacation time scheduled in August...

  3. I am so excited that baby E is getting close to making an appearance. Tell Kev happy birthday.