Friday, July 2, 2010

Baby shower

Okay, finally getting around to posting pictures from our baby shower last weekend. Wow, it feels like it has been a crazy week for some reason.

So the shower was absolutely AMAZING...everything I could have wanted and I felt so unbelievably blessed! We are truly blessed by such great friends and family, and I was just reminded of that fact this past weekend. Of course it was so much to receive gifts for our sweet baby girl, but it was incredible to have everyone there showing us their support.

The decorations were perfect, and the food was delicious. I have been and planned many baby showers in my day, and I decided a while back when it was my turn, I did not want cake or cupcakes, but SUGAR COOKIES. I LOVE sugar cookies, and they are such a special treat that you get so rarely. So one of my hostesses and her mom made incredible cookies, and they were soo cute too!

They also wrote sweet notes of things they were praying for Baby Girl.

My amazing hostesses (minus my good friend Anna who was out of town) did such a great job!
Some of the girls who came. All of these ladies go to church with me and I am so very blessed by their friendships!
Couldn't resist posting the cute hugging picture!
My sisters and my mom made the trip for the shower. It was so fun to have them there!
There were so many more cute pictures, but I am way to impatient to put them on the blog because it takes forever to download them...okay, maybe not forever but a while. The only downer to the day is I felt so incredibly hot. Like I've mentioned before, pregnancy has definitely turned me into a little furnace which is not helped by the fact that it's in the 90s and incredibly humid. Add to that the fact that I sweat even more when I am the center of attention or talking to lots of people. It was a perfect combination of events to make me sweat like I'm running a marathon. I was oh so thankful that my dress did not show the sweat running down me...pretty disgusting. I did not think about this when I found the dress, but will probably consider this fact in the near future when choosing clothes.


  1. Your dress looked great! And of course, so do you! I can't believe your little one will be here so soon. The sugar cookie idea is a great one. Everything looked so cute!

  2. Erica. You look amazing. Seriously, I can hardly even tell you're pregnant in these pictures. The shower looked incredible, and I'm so happy for you. Love you friend!