Sunday, July 18, 2010

Kev in Colorado

First of all, thanks for all of your super sweet comments about the nursery and my pregnant make a girl feel good. I especially loved the comment that I was petite (thanks Vicki), because I don't think anyone has ever told me I was petite in my life, and I definitely don't feel petite at this moment, but I'll take it.

To update you on the weekend, I feel like we got a lot accomplished. We had our car seat installed at the fire department (they do it for free...amazing!), which was so exciting! I did have a little bit of difficulty getting the seat off the base, which you think should be pretty straightforward...guess I need to practice a little more before Baby E comes. So we haven't decided on the car situation, and all the good deals we were finding were in Dallas, which I thought it probably wasn't the best idea to travel to Dallas to look at cars when I am this far along, so we decided to keep the Camry a little longer, and then after she comes, renew our search. Even though it's an old car, it still runs really well, and we have had relatively few problems with it. The one thing I don't like is our middle seatbelt is not functional. Why? Well, when our darling dog was a puppy, he thought it was a good idea to chew through the middle seatbelt on a trip to Texas. It has never really bothered us before, but now I feel like a negligent parent since Baby Girl will have to be on a side and not in the middle. I guess one perk of our dilemma is it will be easier to take her in and out of the car. We also purchased our breast pump (who would have thought I would ever be excited about this), made a list of what our hospital bag needs to include, purchased snacks for while we're there, and even had time to hang out with friends. It has been a fabulous weekend!

I thought I'd include some pics of Kev on his trip with his dad and brother as well.
Before the white water rafting. The guy next to Kev is their guide.
The cabin they stayed at the first night.
Gotta love those Colorado skies.
At the Royal Gorge before the swing.
Hanging out at their campsite. I told Kev he looked like a goofy camper, which he did not appreciate.
The river at their campsite.

They had a great time but I'm really glad he's back on Oklahoma soil now.


  1. I'm so glad you mentioned the car seat, because we were in a debate over the safest place for it. He said driver's side, I said passenger's side. Turns out: we were both wrong. Parenthood, here we come!!!