Friday, February 4, 2011

And it continues...

The snow that is. It just keeps snowing and snowing, and we are loving it! You can barely see the snow in this picture but it's there and it is beautiful.
Kev is going on his 4th snow day, and it has been AMAZING! I did have to go into work yesterday but was completely bored out of my mind because everyone cancelled their appointments. That's what I love about living in stops when it's snowing. People cancel their appointments (obviously they weren't feeling that bad), stores close, schools shut down, people completely buy out the grocery stores "just in case" as we know it ceases to be.
Our little snow "mountain" right outside our front door.

Kev says he loves snow days because it's carefree time off, so when you go back to work, you're not behind because everyone else was off too. I don't think this principle applies to teachers who have to make up snow days. I think that would make them feel bitter sweet. I love snow days because it is forced time inside together. No running errands, no trying to be productive...I feel totally okay with watching movies, taking the occasional nap, reading, making cookies and eating cookie dough, just hanging out. What more could you ask for?

We have spent lots and lots of time in our P.J.s.
Played with this girl and this guy a lot.
And just totally relaxed. Hmmm...she looks a little bored in this picture.
This is totally unrelated to snow days but I wanted to post this cute family pic from several weeks ago. Love it!
How do you spend your snow days? Do you get stir crazy? Do you try to be productive or just relax?


  1. Wow ya'll got way more snow than us..I'm jealous!! Work didn't get cancelled for me..sad story. Love the new pics...the one with her on the couch cracks me up! She looks a combination of bored and grumpy:) Love ya'll..and was happy to see a new post on here!

  2. I'm with ya! We've had four snow days this week too! I love staying inside, watching it snow, drinking hot chocolate by the fire...HEAVEN. Looks like y'all had a nice week indoors as well!

  3. Wow. I had no idea ya'll got that much. We had one day that was pretty icey, so they cancelled school. It was great! I did a few things around the house I'd been putting mopping. Man I hate it, hence not getting to it for a very very long time. And then I relaxed and read. It was great. But then back to work again the next day.