Friday, February 11, 2011

6 Months

Where is the time going? I know I say this literally every month, but wow, does time fly when you have a baby! She is getting so big so fast, and it's so exciting and yet sad and frightening at the same time. Does that make any sense? Probably not, just humor me.

Here are her 6 month stats:
  • Wearing all 6-9 month clothes, and I have started buying 12 month clothes for the spring. Speaking of spring, has anyone seen Target's spring clothes? Total cuteness and who can pass up clothes that are $15 or less? Amazing how fast "cute" clothes add up though. I did have to pack away all her 3-6 month were with us so short, clothes.
  • She still fits in size 3 diapers but I was given a box of size 4s which I have recently been putting her in for laughs and giggles to see if it affects the frequency of our blowouts. Jury is still out.
  • She is still eating 5 times a day (I think I'm having a harder time of decreasing her number of feedings than she is) and takes at least 6 ounces from a bottle when I'm working. Can you say healthy eater?
  • She started solids this month with one meal a day and has so far tried avocado, butternut squash, sweet potatoes, peas, rice cereal, and oat cereal. She was not really a fan of avocado and peas but tolerated everything else. I think her favorite things about eating are her cool bib and her spoon.
  • She is also loving her sippy cup these days, but mainly just chews on it until we tip it up for her. She does love drinking a sip out of our glass. Just water, still haven't tried any juice.

  • Still taking a nap in between every feeding with a short nap at night. I usually lay her down for a nap at 7 or 7:30 then wake her up at 8:30 to feed her then right back to bed.
  • Sleeps great at night from 8:45 or so until 7. She is one happy baby in the morning and even if she wakes up earlier than 7 she just coos and talks to herself.
  • She is staying awake anywhere between 1 &1/2 -2 hours when she wakes up. It's so nice she's able to stay awake a little longer, especially when I need to run errands.
  • She LOVES to sit up these days and is more and more steady every day.
  • She is definitely in the stage of putting EVERYTHING in her mouth...and she wants to get her hands on everything we have. It always makes me laugh because when I'm nursing her she always tries to grab my iPhone (which she sees out of the corner of her eye).
  • She also loves to throw things on the ground. I always try to remind myself she's just discovering the wonder of gravity, instead of getting frustrated at having to pick the same toy up over and over...and over.
  • She is so ticklish, and she loves to laugh!
  • She loves to hear Daddy play the guitar and sing. We usually have family singing time at night.
You might notice the snot running down her face. She has had a perpetual runny nose for what feels like forever. One of her least favorite things is getting her nose wiped...torture in her books.
  • She is really loving Truman these days. She smiles every time she sees him, and one of her new favorite games is when we "chase" him around. It's really a win win situation because Truman LOVES to be chased.
  • She still loves to read books. Her favorite book is this ABC Orchestra book that I think is so boring. What are the chances?
  • She rolls over some from her stomach to her back but hasn't rolled from her back to her stomach. Who knows when she'll ever crawl.
  • She is such a chill, laid back baby. She really studies people and has started giving other people more smiles...especially guys...with facial hair. Hmmm...kind of an odd trend.
  • She went to the church nursery several times this month and survived and didn't come home super sick. Win.
  • Still no teeth...lots of drool and chewing on things.
Her 6 month doctor's appointment is not for several more weeks, so I'll do another post with her length and weight. We love our precious baby girl and feel so blessed to have her!


  1. Aww I'm so glad to see the new post..and LOVE the new pics and hearing about her! She's absolutely perfect. Hope ya'll are enjoying time with much as she's enjoying it I'm sure:) love ya'll!!

  2. Love all the pictures! She is such a cutie.