Wednesday, February 23, 2011

We survived!

So in update to my last post, Miss Elliott did AWESOME on our flight! We made it through security with our amoxicillin and liquid benadryl without any problems (I was slightly concerned about this, but they didn't even ask to see our doctor's note). I nursed her on take-off and she didn't act like it bothered her ears one bit. Nursing her made her fall into a milk coma. Did I mention I also gave her Benadryl pre-flight? Wow, really love the benadryl!
She woke up mid flight but was content to play her toys and really wanted to see what was is the seat back pocket. Probably not the cleanest place ever.
We ate at Chili's in Chicago and she was a big fan of my straw and plate. Amazing how much faster I eat while holding a child.
On landing, I just gave her her sippy cup and her ears didn't seem to give her any problems. I nursed her on take-off again for our second flight, but in retrospect, it probably wasn't necessary because the flight was so quick. On the way home, I did things very similar and she did awesome. She is in her pajamas in this picture because our flight to OKC left at 5:30am. Not fun! We set our alarm for 3:45 but Miss E actually woke up at 2. Needless to say, we were all in a complete fog and definitely ready to be home.
She did have 2 blowout diapers in the airport (once getting poop all the way up to her collar), and she had 1 blowout diaper mid flight. Thankfully the flight wasn't full so Kev changed her diaper on the empty seat behind us. Oh the fun adventures with a baby!

Hands down, worst part about flying with a baby was the layovers. I think if you had a direct flight it wouldn't be bad, but it's a lot to expect a baby to sit in a 2+ hour flight then sit in an airport for 3 & 1/2 hours then another hour flight. My whole body was exhausted from carrying her around the airport, keeping her entertained, etc. Who needs to work out when your baby weighs over 19 pounds...seriously ridiculous.

We also spent some time at the mall,
ate at 5 Guys Burgers and Fries (some really delicious unhealthy food)
played in the hotel,
walked around town,
and met a new friend.
The stare down.
Okay, I guess we can be friends.

Overall, it was a great trip but I'm so thankful to be back in sunny Oklahoma!


  1. Haha I love that first picture! She did really well! I always feel for those parents traveling with children. Can't imagine how stressful that is...

  2. So glad her ears didn't bother her and that you guys had a great time. We haven't taken Lucy on a plane yet, but I'm very impressed by all of you making it thru that!

  3. Glad ya'll had a safe trip and that Elliott's ears didn't bother her too bad! I think it's about time you take a trip down here:) And Erica..your hair is getting so long!! Love ya'll!!