Saturday, February 12, 2011

More baby food

So I thought I would give an update on my baby food endeavor. My baby food making has slowed way down for several reasons. First, I have already made all of the "easy," seasonal food, and second, I've just been busy...or lazy (sometimes the line blurs between the two).

I thought I would share several observations. I tried green beans because I thought, "How difficult can they be?" I bought frozen organic green beans from the health food store since there aren't very many fresh green beans in the stores these days. I read on several websites and my books that they can be difficult to puree so you're supposed to plunge them in cold water as soon as there done (no idea what this does), then they said a blender works better than a food processor. I'm a rule follower so of course I followed all the instructions to a "t" and what we ended up with was a big fail. I could never get them to adequately puree even though I used our blender and our food processor. I actually broke our blender in the attempt. Sadness.

I must admit I was slightly disappointed by my first baby food making failure. I knew it was bound to come, but I didn't think it would come with green beans. I'm thinking I will attempt them again, and maybe cook them longer??? I think maybe I cooked them how I like to eat them and they weren't soft enough to puree. Maybe I'll try a smaller quantity as well (I tried 3 bags...overachiever). Any thoughts? I also decided to not attempt peas because all the books said they were difficult to puree as well and I decided I would buy some peas for her to try instead. Side note...those peas are surprisingly disgusting. I mean, who would really like those things? I mixed them with sweet potatoes and she tolerated them.

I am making carrots as we speak. I'm wondering if anyone has tried making apricots. It seems kind of crazy to make baby food out of dried fruit but that's what I read. I also figure I'll wait on making any plums, peaches, nectarines, etc until they are more in season. Any suggestions?

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