Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Visitors and injuries

Life has been a little crazy at our household recently, evidenced by the my lack of posts. Kev had fall break last week so he was off the ENTIRE week. It was amazing! Definitely a perk of being in school again. Of course I was not off for fall break, but it was nice because he got to watch Miss Elliott all week. Then his parents came for a long weekend visit. We had so much fun showing them around our new "home," sharing some delicious Irish pub food together, and we laughed a lot.
Fun shot on campus. The gold dome is in the background.

Kev did a grandparents "photo shoot" on campus. Elliott *kind of* cooperated. Story of our life.

He got some cute pictures of E too.

Another thing that made this past week a little crazy is we had a major family injury. Kev and I went on a walk on Friday while Elliott was napping (Kev's parents stayed with her), and we decided we would take Truman so he could get a little exercise. Truman does not do the best on the leash, and so a lot of time we'll let him run off the leash and he does really well to stay with us. We were almost home, when a squirrel darted out across the street and Truman ran after him. A car just happened to be driving down the street at that exact time, and we watched in horror and complete helplessness as Truman got clipped by the car. It all happened in an instant, and it was terrible! Thankfully, he didn't go under the car, and as soon as he got hit he ran off the road. So to make a long story short, he broke 2 bones in his front leg, one bone went through the skin, he had to be put in a splint and then he had surgery Monday where they placed 6 pins in his bones. He'll have the pins removed in 8 weeks. They told us to make sure he doesn't run or jump and try to keep him calm. Really? They obviously don't know our dog. So that's all the excitement in our household. I'll try to do better about posting though.


  1. So sorry to hear about Truman's leg! Luckily, dogs heal up quickly and do well with a fracture. Bad part of that is that they don't know to take it easy!