Sunday, June 3, 2012

The Lone Star State

After we spent a wonderful week in Oklahoma with friends and Kev's family, we drove to Texas to see my family.  It was such a relaxing and refreshing visit!
I got to spend some sweet time with my sisters and mom.  And we even got a pedicure...special treat for me.

We spent lots of time playing in the backyard.  Who can ask for more than a water hose, sand, and a mini pool?  At least for Elliott, it was heaven.
We spent lots of quality time with babies.  My sisters and I have all had a baby in a span of 4 MONTHS!  Pretty awesome.  It's so neat to me that we are all parents and get to experience babies at the same time.  I'm sure the house will be pretty chaotic here in a couple of years when they're all running around like little hooligans, but I'm excited for that too.
We joked that the boys were our "easy," laid back kiddos (this is Mason lest you be confused).
The girls...let's just say they are not quite as laid back. :)
Anj with the newest addition.
"Whatcha got there cuz?"
Love me some chunky thighs (maybe I should specify on babies...not on me).
Bath time fun.
 Miss Elliott was basically attached to Momo (my mom) the entire week...literally.  She cared very little about mommy and daddy, and I must admit, it was a nice break.
The girls and all the kids.  Our family has exponentially grown.

I've realized that my view of vacations have drastically changed.  A vacation now=family, a daily workout, and frequent Starbucks.  If I get an occasional nap, that's an added plus.  Oh how life changes.

We're so thankful for our families and thankful for the wonderful two weeks we were able to spend with them.  I'll try to limit the picture posts from now on.  I've been a little excessive of late. :)

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