Sunday, June 10, 2012

Our not-so-photogenic girl

I love good photographs.  It makes my heart happy to see pretty pictures, even of people I don't know (probably one of the reason I like looking at random blogs which Kev thinks is weird).  Unfortunately, my first child HATES getting pictures taken of her.

We came up with the bright idea of taking a few family pictures before church this morning.  Sounds like a good idea, right?  This is what we got with our not-so-photogenic daughter.
Inspecting and showing off her dirty feet.
Talking about shoes...or probably lack of shoes hence the dirty feet.
Trying to help Mason look at the camera.
Holding brother for a couple of totally disinterested seconds...yes I said seconds.
Yelling "all done" or "off" at brother.  I can't quite remember.
Trying to push brother off the chair.
So pleased with herself that she has the chair all to herself again.

Then things took a turn for the worst (not that any of that was good), and poor dad got the brunt of it.
I really don't want to take a picture.  What's worse than one meltdown?
That's right...two meltdowns.

Her typical response to pictures?
Run away as fast as possible.

Sigh.  Maybe she'll grow out of it.


  1. I am ROLLING right now!!! This absolutely cracked me up Erica! Love it!

  2. Paisley is the exact same way!!!! Except now we're going through a phase where she totally notices the second you get the camera out and runs quickly toward you so she can put her face up to it. Problem is, all the pictures turn out creepy and blurry. :)

  3. Haha I was laughing so hard at this! Love it! And btw...My husband thinks it's weird I look at random blogs all the time but I don't care ;) it's so fun!