Tuesday, June 26, 2012

More noo noos

Miss Elliott has been talking more and more these days, but as she learns to talk, she definitely does not have perfect pronunciation.  Most words, she will definitely say the first syllable but as far as what comes next, you can never be too sure.  I think she is loving being able to communicate, but she gets very frustrated when we can't understand what she is saying.  I can imagine that would be very frustrating, so I make a huge effort to grasp what she is trying to communicate.  Sometimes I wish she understood the concept of charades so she could act it out as well.  Another added element of difficulty is so many of her words sound the same.  Kev says it is all about context, but sometimes even context doesn't help you out.  Like when she says "ma" she may want more or milk...or just randomly be asking to see her friend Maryn.  All three words she might use frequently while she is eating.  Usually our conversations go like this.

E: "Ma mommy."
Me: "You want more?"
E: "Ma, ma."
Me: "Are you saying you want more [insert whatever she's eating at the time]?"
E: Getting increasingly frustrated, "ma ma!"
Me: "Oh, do you want some milk?"
E: "Yeah, ma (obviously...I've been saying that all along)!"
I know that in no time, she will be saying words correctly, and putting more and more words in sentences, and when that day comes, I'll probably miss the cute way she said milk, so I thought I would document mainly for myself, words that she says.

Noo noos-noodles
Momo-her name for my mom (was supposed to be Mimi)
Bah-her pacifier
Peez-please or pizza
Wah wah-water (she specifically asks for ICE WATER constantly)
There are other words I totally understand what she is trying to communicate, but she is not using the correct name for something.  Example...she loves calling animals by their sounds, not their names.  As we were walking today, she would say, "Mommy, woof woof, woof woof."  Then "more woof woof."

Hop hop-bunny
Woof woof-dog
Whoo whoo-owl
Ooo oo aahh-monkey
Bawk bawk-chicken (she also calls chicken to eat this as well)
However, she will say kitty cat, duck, geese, bobcat.  As a parent, I try to say the correct pronunciation of things, but all the sudden, I'll hear myself saying, "Elliott, do you think we'll see more hop hops today?"  Oh dear.  She may never learn the correct pronunciation. :)
Giving M a fish face.


  1. You are such a fun mom Erica letting her fingerpaint. Love reading your updates.