Saturday, July 7, 2012

6 Month Update

6 months have come and gone in the life of our little Mason.  It's hard to believe that half of a year has already passed since we brought him home from the hospital.  Words cannot describe how much we love this easy going, cheerful, go-with-the-flow little guy.  He has most certainly added so much to our family in his 6 months of life.

  • Wearing 6-9 month clothes and wearing size 3 diapers.
  • Eating every 3-4.5 hours depending on the day and feeding.  He eats between 5.5 and 6 ounces from a bottle when I'm not home.  He has been dropping a feeding most days and typically still nurses 5 times a day.
  • Sleeping from somewhere between 7 and 8pm to somewhere between 5:30 and 7am.  I don't think he is as good of a sleeper as Miss E was at this point.  Maybe it's him, maybe it's us.  I still do a dream feeding around 10.  I know theoretically I could drop that feeding, but I hated with E when I dropped that feeding, I still had to pump before going to bed.  Have I mentioned I hate pumping?  Feels so unnatural.  So instead of pumping, I just nurse him, and then lay him right back down.  However, he has been waking up up early still (like before 7) which is driving me a little crazy.  Since he's in our room, I can hear every noise he makes.  We typically try to give him his paci several times.  He'll usually go back to sleep, sometimes I just get up and feed him because I don't want to keep getting in and out of bed.  
  • He still takes regular naps but has been fighting any bedtime/naptime.  I usually lay him down, he fusses a little bit, we give him his paci again, then he falls asleep.  Sometimes I want to rock him, but he just pushes away and looks at me.  Cute boy.

  •  He tried solids when he was 6 months old with his evening feeding.  So far, he has tried oat cereal, bananas, and avocado.  Not a fan of anything yet.  I bought a butternut squash for our next food choice.  We'll see how it goes.
  • He still loves his bouncer and loves grabbing the toys dangling above his head.  His other favorite toy is his activity gym.  He rarely gets discontent in either one.  Have I mentioned he is the easiest baby EVER?
  • He loves grabbing anything these, faces, toys, necklaces, name it, he's tried to grab it and then most likely he tried to put it in his mouth.


  • MAJOR DEVELOPMENTS: He got a tooth this month!  His first tooth pushed through right when he turned 6 months (bottom left).  He has another one beside it that is about to push through as well.  He has been *slightly* more fussy this month, like cries occasionally, so I thought he could be teething.
  • He rolls over constantly from his tummy to his back but still hasn't rolled over from his back to his stomach.  He can roll on his side, but hasn't really attempted to do more.
  • He is getting more and more stable when he sits alone.  Still can't leave him unattended but it won't be long.

  • He still loves people and will generally smile at anyone he sees.  
  • He loves to be tickled still and giggles a ton (especially when he has the tired sillies).
  • His sister is his hero, even though she is not always kind.  He doesn't mind that she takes his toys, gives him crappy toys, gives him hard pats occasionally, doesn't like his feet to touch her, etc.  I'm sure this will change.
  • She officially nicknamed him "Macey."  Not a very manly nickname, but I love to hear her call him that...especially since she came up with it.  Now we all call him that, poor guy.  He can tell us to stop when he gets older. :)
  • Elliott does love her baby brother too and is very concerned about his "night-night," "eat," "blan (blanket)," and "bah (paci)."  Her favorite activity is when they lay in his bed together.

We love our chubby little baby boy, with all his rolls and sweet smiles.  We're so thankful for his 6 months of life.

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  1. How cute! Looks like he has such a personality!