Saturday, July 28, 2012

7 month update

It is day 3 without E's bah, and I must say it has still been a much smoother process than I was imagining.  We set aside this weekend, anticipating major fits, breakdowns, moments of doubt, etc.  However, this has thankfully not been the case and we have been able to have lots of fun as a family with only minor sadness.  She has asked for her bah several times, to which I offer her her "broken" bah and she then asks for "more bah."  When I tell her we don't have any other bahs, I see the little wheels in her head turning as she processes what I have told her.  She has still slept awesome at night and naps so I really can't complain.  I've probably missed it the most when we take car trips or long rides in the stroller because the bah always helped limit the whining.  Elliott always responds really positively to choices (where she has the control), so I think the fact that we offer her the broken bah (which she then refuses) has made the transition easier.  I am SO thankful!

In other news, Mason is 7 months old!
He is wearing 6-9 or 6-12 month clothes and size 3 diapers.

He is still nursing 5 times a day and typically nurses every 4-5 hours.  He usually eats 6 ounces when I am at work.  I've dropped feedings a little differently than I did with E.  I've basically extended his day feedings but his last feeding is still around 9:30 or 10.
He sleeps *decently* but I would prefer he slept a little better.  I guess when you have a kid that sleeps like Elliott did, you kind of assume that's normal.  Apparently it's not.  He typically goes to bed anywhere from 7-8, but he still wants to wake up around 5.  He usually just lays in his bed and "talks" for a while then gets frustrated after about an hour or so.  Depending on the day (a day I work or not), I usually have to wake up to feed him.  This is a battle I feel we will have to face sooner rather than later, but I guess we'll finish the paci battle first.  Priorities.  
He still usually takes 3 naps a day, and I think he is about to be at the point where he could just take 2 naps (morning and afternoon)...these naps are usually 1.5-2.5 hours.  He is now consistently napping at the same time as Elliott in the afternoon, and it is INCREDIBLE.  It's amazing to have some kid-free moments in the afternoon!
He is still not a big fan of solids.  He has tolerated pears and sweet potatoes but certainly doesn't prefer it to nursing.

Poor little guy has had some serious decrease in his bowel movements since starting solids.  I hate it for him!  He used to go every day (at least once) but now he'll go anywhere between 3-6 days.  
He can sit better but still tends to lean to one side or the other.

When he was a little less than 7 months old, he started rolling from his back to his belly.
He loves chewing on his feet...and really anything within his reach.  Still definitely in the grabbing phase, and he loves to play with my necklaces, hair, face, etc.
His talking face.  He talks a lot.  My favorite is when he says "mamamama."

He still loves to laugh...especially when he's watching his big sis.  He thinks she's the coolest.  This month has been so precious to me because they have begun to interact so much more.  Melt a momma's heart.
He loves shaking ANYTHING that makes noise....that's what he's doing here in case you couldn't tell.

He loves being where the party is, and definitely doesn't want to be left in a room by himself.
He is a spitty guy still and it is DISGUSTING.  I have been spit on more times than I can count.  I won't be sad when he moves past the spitting.

There is something SO sweet about Mason, and he can put me in a good mood no matter the day.  He just goes with the flow.  Short nap?  That's okay.  Been a while since he nursed?  He might politely let me know by giving a few grunts.  He does cry just not often, and generally loves to smile and look around for things he can grab.


  1. Those eyes! My goodness he is adorable.

  2. I loved reading these updates because Dylan is doing the same things. Such a fun time! He's such a cutie.