Wednesday, July 18, 2012


This past weekend we traveled up to northern Michigan...way 45 miles from Canada north. We went to see some sweet friends from college that actually live in Texas but were going to be in Michigan for a wedding (what are the chances).  We left on Friday and the trip took a little longer than we anticipated...about 8.5 hours.  We got stuck in some pretty bad traffic (think 5 miles in an hour) and then made 2 stops, but the kids did amazing! 
When we left, E wanted to make sure to bring her kitty cat, baby, and giraffe.  She was fake sleeping here because I told her to look at the camera.  Sigh.  What am I going to do with this girl?
One of our stops was at surprise.  It's a fave for all us (except Mason hasn't learned to love it yet). 
 This was the sight we saw as we crossed the bridge into the UP (aka upper peninsula).
 A view of the sunset as we were pulling into the lake house.  Seriously awesome.  Sorry about the crooked skyline.  My photography skills failed me.
The next morning both kids woke up at 6 (what vacation looks like with kids), so we decided to find some breakfast.  We found a cute little restaurant that had a boat out front that Elliott loved. 

 On Sunday, we decided to take a ferry to Mackinac Island.  Elliott was super excited about riding on a boat.
 Our little family waiting for the ferry.
KC and Kinsey and our family.  How sad is it that this is the only picture we took together as a group?

My sweet friend Kinsey.  It's hard to tell here but she is like 30 weeks pregnant.  I know...makes you a little jealous.  I think she seriously is like the best pregnant girl ever.  Kinsey and I have been friends since our freshman year in college.  I have learned SO much from this girl and I am so thankful to call her my friend.  I just wish she lived closer!!
 The island was SO beautiful!  There was the touristy section that had maybe a million fudge shops and other trinkety stores (as I like to call them), but then there was just beautiful houses and forests with paved trails.  We ended up on a trail intended for bikers so went on a nearly 2 hour walk, but it was SO much fun!
Cars were not allowed on the island so there were lots of people on bicycles and in horse drawn carriages.  Elliott was OBSESSED with the horses.  She of course calls them "neighs" so was constantly walking around asking for "more neighs, more neighs."  We of course had to get our picture by some.

Elliott's favorite words all weekend: boat, wah-wah (water), peet wah-wah (feet in the water), neighs (horses).  The kids really did amazingly well, even though we had to wake up at 3:45 Monday morning so we could bring KC and Kinsey to the airport.

This weekend made us realize several things.  We were reminded of our love to travel, explore new places, see new things.  Even though this looks different with kids, it is definitely feasible.  It also made me realize that true friendships are not affected by distance.  Even though we are not able to talk as often as I would like, our time together was so precious.  I think we both walked away encouraged and challenged.  It was a great weekend away even though it has made for a slightly more exhausting/chaotic week!

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  1. Looks like y'all had so much fun! I'm glad y'all got to go to Mackinac Island. We rented bikes when we were there and rode around the island which was really neat. Oh and also...y'all seriously have the cutest little family.