Wednesday, July 4, 2012

While daddy was gone...

Kev took a quick trip to Oklahoma this past weekend to visit his family and attend a high school friend's wedding.  It was the first time for me to be home with the kids by myself overnight (much less 3 nights), and I would totally be lying if I said it was an easy weekend.  I actually really struggled for multiple reasons.  It made me so stinkin' sad to not have him here.  I know it was just a weekend, but I seriously love my husband and love hanging out with him.  The weekend is typically "our" time because it's our free time.  It was also surprisingly (or not so surprisingly) difficult to be with kids 24/ relief, no breaks.  I love my sweet kids, but they can be EXHAUSTING.  Especially when there is fit throwing/whining involved.  Nothing that quite exhausts me mentally like fits and whining.  This weekend made me realize again how blessed I am to have a husband who does SO much and loves me SO much, and it also made me realize how difficult it would be to be a single mom...

or a mom who's husband works longs shifts...

or a mom who's husband is overseas.

I'm sure there are many more difficult circumstances, it just made me realize I'm pretty much a wuss and depend on my husband lots.  We actually did have some fun while he was gone.
Like playing on the cars at the mall...who needs to pay for one when you can sit in a stationary car?
Or playing in a huge pile of stuffed animals at the Disney store.  This was her first experience at the Disney store and she was a BIG fan.
Took bubble baths.
Or holding hands with a friend at Target.
Hung out with this happy guy.

Snuggled in the bed.
Got sweet kisses from my little man.
Read lots of books...specifically this book...over and over...

We survived...but we were oh-so-happy to have Kev back.

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