Wednesday, August 11, 2010

New friends!

We have had several visitors the past couple of days, including two of my best friends from college. Words cannot describe how thankful I am for their support and advice during this new season of life.

Benton is 11 weeks and is such an easy-going guy. He was totally the chill the whole time they were visiting, and is such a happy smiley guy. Jen has given me so much helpful, practical advice through pregnancy and now with an infant. I don't know if I could have done it without her. I look forward to future play dates with the kids.
Quinn just turned a year old and she is such a happy little girl and a go-getter. The whole time they were visiting she was pulling out Elliott's toys, etc and bringing them to us. Kinsey has been so excited for us and has been such a faithful prayer warrior. I was so thankful her and Quinn were in town when Elliott was born and I look forward to her visit in another month!
And another super cute picture of our sweet little baby! We love her tons!!


  1. Erica, Elliot is just adorable and I love the updates! I love her hair and smiles and am happy for you both! It doesn't seem real that in a few weeks we'll be bringing our baby home but obviously she'll join us eventually! Keep up with the updates!

  2. She is super cute!!! I am praying for a baby with hair. And also one that arrives on time (or slightly early as yours did.) Glad you all are doing well and I love hearing about your little lady!!!

  3. I love all those pictures! They're soooo fun! Can't wait to come and see Elliott in person. Soon....very soon!

  4. we can't wait to see you and your brand new baby this Saturday. (our 'dinner help' day)


  5. I LOVE the last picture!!! I can't believe we all have babies, and that Kinsey is about to have her second. So very grateful for your friendship!!!