Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Today has been a sad day. Yes, it didn't help that Elliott had an off night and woke up several times and then refused to go back to sleep. But it was especially sad because my mom left today. She was here all last week and then she left this evening. All day, I felt teary eyed just knowing she was leaving today. I honestly think this past week brought our relationship to a whole new level. She was definitely a huge help-cleaning, changing Elliott's diapers and clothes multiple times (she has developed a not so great habit of pooping through her diaper...fabulous), running errands-but she was also great company, a wonderful sounding board, and it makes my heart so happy to see how much she loves and cares for our sweet little girl. I've always had friends say that it is a huge blessing when other people love your kids, and obviously, I would expect her to love Elliott (I mean, how could you not), but to see that love demonstrated this past week was such a tremendous blessing.

Now Miss Elliott and I get to try it on our own (since Kev went back to work Monday). Kind of a scary thought. To make the day even more sad, I had a total forgetful moment. Kev and I got to go on a lunch date, and I decided to pick up a few groceries afterwards since my mom was watching Elliott. I got my basket-full of groceries, made it to checkout, and after all my groceries were bagged, realized I left my debit card in my diaper bag, which of course was at home. That's right, I had no way to pay for my groceries. Fabulous. I let the cashier know the situation, trying to lamely explain how I'm a new mom, etc and have to run home to get my wallet. Of course I was already feeling emotional, but I nearly lost it when I made it to the car. I ran home then back to Walmart to purchase my groceries, no harm no foul, but it was an exhausting experience.


  1. Such a sweet post about your mom. You have a whole new appreciation for them and now realize how much they must love you once you've experience how much you love your child.

    Totally feel for your experience at the grocery store. Sadly, I've done that twice! And, one time actually wasn't that long ago. It's so hard to switch between your purse and diaper bag all the time. So, no worries- I'm sure they've seen it all! :)

  2. Sure hope you have a smooth adjustment into being just you and Elliott. I just know I'm going to be lost when my mom, mother-in-law, and sister-in-law leave. I'll get spoiled in the first 2 weeks when they will take turns being around to help.
    Don't worry about your shopping mishap - I've done that without being pregnant or a mom so I'm sure I'll have some good forgetful stories to share here soon! Can't wait to see more pictures of you three!

  3. Yes, I will never forget when my mom left after staying the first week. I did cry and was so emotional. We have become so close since Haisley's been born. Now I know how much she loves me. It just didn't click before I had my daughter. So sorry you left your wallet at home. I have forgotten my credit card so many times it's ridiculous so no you're not alone! Having a baby takes multi-tasking and remembering all of the little details to a completely different level. I feel like I could be the President of the US now! Haha!

  4. Ahhh. Mom was so sad too! I got to hear her side on the way home. I'm glad she got to help and it was such a blessing. You'll do great on your own I'm sure Erica. You already act like a natural! Love you.