Monday, August 2, 2010


Thanks for all your sweet encouragement friends! I will definitely let Kev know you guys gave him a thumbs up on the pics. Do remember I chose the ones I like the most...there were a lot of bad ones.

I thought I would give you an update on the visit today. Good news was it was definitely more positive and I felt better after I left. My blood pressure was actually better today, no protein in the urine, good heart rate, and I measured a little bigger...yay! Mediocre news...cervix is still really posterior which means she probably won't be coming in the next couple of days, which I guess is a good thing since my doctor left for Mexico today.

He said that I can start doing squats, straddling a ball, and doing a duck walk to possibly help "open my pelvis." We were having a difficult time imagining exactly what a duck walk is, and then the thought of me doing that right now makes me laugh. I'm pretty sure my pelvis will open when it's ready...not so sure those things will really help, but don't kid yourself I might get desperate and try.

Kev got some advice from a coworker today that I thought was interesting. She recommended taking a little time off work before the baby got here to just relax and enjoy life before baby. I had always planned on just working up until when I delivered, but I thought maybe there was some truth in this. What are your thoughts? I had previously been thinking I didn't want to just be bored waiting at home, but now I'm giving the idea a little thought.

12 days and counting...


  1. I'm taking off starting Friday, so that I'll be off from 38 weeks on. I need some time for myself just to mentally prepare and get some extra rest. I'll probably go get a pedicure and get some last minute things done. So, I vote for some time off before baby! And I'm SO glad your appointment went well.

  2. Picturing anybody trying to do a "duck walk" is quite comical in my mind too! At least some of the other options have benefits (leg tone with the squats and posture with the ball). But the duck walk may do the trick!
    The idea of taking a day or 2 off before baby is enticing. I guess if you end up having to schedule something for delivery that would be the easiest way to schedule some days off before Baby E arrives. That may be something to consider myself but I also want as much time as possible after she arrives. Tough choice.
    You look great - loved the pictures - won't be long now!

  3. I'm definitely for it! Maybe finish out this week and then take next week off. I think a little rest and enjoyment before sweet baby E comes would be great!! I also love the pics! You look beautiful!! Can't wait to see the others! Love ya much!!

  4. Erica you do look amazing and Kev did an awesome job with the new camera! Yes, you should both take some time off and enjoy these days before baby E arrives and changes your lives forever! Keeping you all in our prayers! Hugs!

  5. I definitely think you should at least take a few days off! I'm not sure I would have taken them had they not been forced on me, but I'm SO glad that Landon and I had a few days to just relax together before our lives changed in such a big way (for the better!!!). Baby E will be here SO SOON!!!!