Sunday, August 1, 2010

Picture time

So, we recently purchased a "good" camera. I must admit, even though I always think it would be really cool to be a good photographer, it was really Kev that wanted it. We figured it was a good investment, and that we will get lots of use out of it once Baby Girl comes.

A couple of weeks ago (36 weeks), Kev decided we should try to shoot some maternity pictures of me, so we trekked up to campus (in the blazing heat I might add), and he took some pictures of me. It was a little awkward because tours would pass while I was posing for pictures, but we got some good pictures. The only bad thing about Kev taking the pictures was he didn't get to be in them with me. I thought I would post a couple...notice I was trying to be semi-serious because it's really hard for me to take a picture without a full-out smile. I secretly envy people who are able to take serious pictures and look cool...I usually just look weird.

The following week we actually had a photographer take pictures of both of us, so I'll post those pics when I get them.
13 days and counting. Hard to believe. I have had kind of a rough week as far as feeling fearful. I went to my doctors appointment Wednesday, and of course, am still measuring small, my blood pressure was higher than it normally has been, my cervix is still very posterior, and he asked if she was moving all the time, like "10 times an hour." It made me over-analyze everything and feel completely paranoid by her movement (or lack of movement). I kind of felt like I was going crazy. I feel much more at peace now, but it is definitely a moment to moment, day to day struggle to trust God and His sovereignty.

I actually have another appointment tomorrow (since my doctor is leaving town), so we'll see how it goes.


  1. Awww, Erica you look so beautiful! Kevin did great at being Mr. Photographer.

  2. Pregnancy makes you even more beautiful! I was actually just freaking out about the lack of movement I've felt today and overanalyzing whether or not I think it's anything to worry about. My bp has been higher every week and I actually measure big. It all freaks me out too! Luckily, the babies will be here soon and then we can just start worrying about new things. :)

  3. You look so amazing and so much like your mom in those pics! Can't believe you are so very close. I'll be praying for peace and calmness over the next two weeks...

  4. Good job Kevie! Friend, you are doing such a wonderful job carrying sweet Baby E. Hang in there! It is almost over. Love you!!!

  5. Erica, those pictures are gorgeous! You look like a natural, and Kevin did a great job as well. I hope your appointment goes well today. I prayed for you guys on my run this morning!