Wednesday, August 18, 2010

What people don't tell you about AFTER baby comes:

1) You still walk slow-Maybe I'm alone in this one, but towards the end of my pregnancy, it drove me crazy I had to walk so slow. I literally felt like I had one speed because of the heat, and because it felt like if I walked any faster, it might tear my pelvis apart. I remember thinking, "I will be so glad to be able to walk faster once I have baby girl." Unfortunately, after Baby Elliott was born, I walk just as slow (maybe slower) with different yet ever present pain. Now this is getting significantly better, but I still walk slower than I would like. :)

2) You can't sleep-Again, this may just be me, but I guess because of the drastic hormone shift combined with the constant noises a new baby makes that makes you jump out of bed, I feel like I didn't get sleep when I laid down for a good week after I delivered. I was expecting to obviously get shorter segments of sleep in between feedings, but I was not expecting to be unable to fall asleep.

3) You constantly are searching for the "right" solution-How long to feed, do you feed less if they spit up, do you swaddle them or not, tightly or loose, do you rock them to help them go to sleep, when do you change them...oh the list goes on and on and unfortunately there are endless solutions and no "right" answer. I didn't expect people to always look to me for the "right" answer for our child...does it look like I know what I'm doing?

4) People stop asking about you and just want to know about the baby-One of my pet peeves during pregnancy (which I actually blogged about), was the fact that people constantly asked, "How are you feeling?" So you go through this life-changing event (having a baby), your body feels completely turned inside out, your hormones are crazy...and no one cares about you anymore. Don't get me wrong, I want people to be concerned and care about Baby Elliott above me, but it was a weird realization that I was now second fiddle.

Well, these are some of the ones off the top of my head. I had some maternity pictures taken when I was 37 weeks so I thought I would post some of our favorites! It's so weird to see myself now with the big belly and to have now seen what was in that belly.


  1. You had such a perfect bump!!! But now you have an adorable baby to show for it. I love this post- it's a great glimpse into my own future...

  2. I can't even imagine how it must feel! How are YOU feeling Erica? I'd love to know. And those pictures are adorable and so fun!!

  3. ohhh i walked "slow" for a good 6 weeks!! i wondered if i would ever feel normal walking do :)