Wednesday, September 29, 2010


I've heard lots of babies cry in the past and my typical response was one of three things:
1) "Oh poor baby."
2) "Poor parent."
3) "Why is that parent not consoling that baby?"

To hear the sound of Elliott crying evokes a completely different response. Her cries feel hurts me to hear the sound of them. It actually makes me want to cry with her at times. I don't know if this is because she is our first child and we're not used to the cries and maybe it will get better with subsequent children and/or time or what. Her cries also make me feel like I'm going crazy. I can't think straight and I second guess everything. Hopefully this doesn't make me sound like a negligent parent.

Thankfully, Miss E doesn't cry very often and when she does, it is very predictable. However, the past couple of nights, she has had pretty intense crying spells in the evening and I'm not sure what's going on. All I do know, is I'm not a big fan of hearing her cry. I try to tell her no one likes a cry baby, but it doesn't seem to make a difference. :) It does make me incredibly sympathetic for parents of babies with colic...I just hope this does not become a routine.


  1. I feel the exact same way when Paisley cries. It puts me in panic mode trying to figure out how to make her better. And she rarely cries, but when she does, it breaks my heart. I'm sure we're doing everything right, but I have to work to convince myself of it at times. :)

  2. I too understand but one thing that's helped me when Callie cries (which thankfully isn't very often also) is that if she's fed, dry diaper and in a comfortable place she's ok and it's ok to cry a bit. Usually I can calm her down after a few minutes but that keeps me from doubting myself too much. :) People have told me of "the witching hour" with babies where they get cranky in the late afternoon/evenings so maybe that's causing her fussiness. Callie gets that way in the evening after she's eaten - she'll get fussy and not go to sleep so she cries a bit then finally falls asleep.
    Don't doubt yourself, you're doing a fantastic job as a mom!

  3. Sounds like she wants to nurse. Baby Boy picked up w/ his feeding around 6 weeks. They go through growth spurts and I always nursed and if he didn't want that - well, then tough you-know-whats. :)