Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Love hate relationship

I have a love hate relationship...with the pacifier that is. We really debated whether or not to give Miss E a pacifier, but she was always trying to suck her hands, blankets, or basically anything in front of her and in range of her mouth. We decided that it was easier to eventually take away her pacifier versus her thumb (because I'm sure she'd eventually become a thumb sucker).

I LOVE the pacifier because it usually calms her in an instant. I love the pacifier because it is always my backup plan if she gets fussy while we're running errands. I love the pacifier because it helps calm her down for naps and allows me to put her in her crib awake.

I HATE the pacifier because she gets frantic when she loses it. I hate the pacifier because she can't put it back in her mouth when she loses it. I hate the pacifier because even though we have 4, I'm always searching the house to find one because they are all over the place...her swing, bouncer, car seat, diaper bag, etc. I hate the pacifier because when she drops it when we're out, it is dirty.

I took these pictures at the play group the other day and I thought they illustrated our struggle.
Mom, I need my pacifier!
Aww...I love my paci!
Uh oh, lost it again.

Literally, this all happened in about 30 seconds. Wonder when she'll be able to put it back in her mouth?


  1. Paisley will take a pacifier in the car if it's mealtime and she gets fussy. Otherwise, she isn't very interested. And I can't get her to take a bottle for anything! But she's already working hard to find that thumb...

  2. Totally feel you on this one Erica. We debated on it as well, but just like you mentioned Lucy was trying to suck her thumb- so figured the paci was a better choice. It can be a pain at times, but honestly I feel like life has been much easier with the paci. I don't know what we'll do when it's time to take it away...ughhhh. Elliott looks so cute with it!

  3. I love those pics. And the ones at the play group. She's actually catching up. That outfit is super cute on her. I love the paci delima...or should I say hearing about it. : D Hopefully soon she'll be able to control that hand a little better and put it in herself. I have no idea when that would be though. Love ya.

  4. I think Haisley was around 6 months old (I would have to look back at my blog. I'm sure I posted about it). We didn't take away the paci until she was 18 months. The pediatrician wanted us to take it away at 12 months but I wasn't ready to be out in public, her to get fussy and to hear her cry. It was so easy to take away, at least for us, but I've heard horror stories so every baby's different. She never moved to sucking a finger after that so we have had success. You do what you feel is right for her. Supposedly they need to suck on something until they're about 12 months old so if you take away the paci, be ready for her to attempt a finger/thumb which you can't take away when it's time!