Monday, September 13, 2010


We have had one wall in Miss E's nursery that was sadly lacking appeal. We had plans of getting a shelf and a book shelf, but it has taken us a while to find the perfect ones. Well, it was definitely worth the wait because now that we have both up, we LOVE them! It is just what the wall needed. Also, we finally have a place for all of Miss E's wonderful books from Kev's coworkers (they had a book shower for us). She loves it as well! :)
The shelf (it's not really crooked, just my picture taking skills...or lack of I guess)
My youngest sister painted this E and we're so excited to finally have a place to put it. It matches perfectly with the room and our bedding!
The book shelf with all of Elliott's awesome books! We got so many books at the shower we hardly had room for them all. She's going to be such a smartie.
The finished product. Pictures really don't do it justice...we think it looks perfect!

I also included a picture of Miss Elliott after a bath last night. She is starting to enjoy them more now which is very nice. Gotta love those little arm rolls that are starting to form.
Baby Girl has been a bit grumpy lately and has really been fighting her sleep...both at naps and night. Do you guys have any suggestions?


  1. I love it Erica! It all looks so great! But I love the last pic the most! She is absolutely adoreable!

  2. My little princess is starting to fight naps this week, which is challenging. She also started taking a pacifier this week which has helped me get her to fall asleep.

    We had a book shower too and have tons of great books now! I love that idea.

  3. where did you get the book shelf thing? i love it!

  4. It looks neat!
    No suggestions on know how we struggled with it. :)

  5. Erica, the shelves look great! And Miss Elliott looks so peaceful and adorable post-bath ;)

  6. She looks so alert. Is she sleeping any less in general? So cute! I love the shelf and book shelves. It looks so good. I especially like that little piggy. Haha. Fun times!