Wednesday, September 1, 2010

How dirty is too dirty?

This is a question I have been asking myself frequently so I thought I would throw it out there to you. How dirty is too dirty for a onesie? I think one of my least favorite things about motherhood is changing a baby's clothes. It seems like it would be fun (think dressing your doll when you were growing up), but my baby really doesn't like it, especially putting the outfit over her head. I still haven't figured out an easy way to get outfits over her head...why don't they make more outfits that button up the front?

Since we've been home from the hospital, Elliott has basically lived in onesies (easy access for diaper changes and they're the only things that really fit her). Now in my books, an obvious reason to change the onesie is a blowout. I would definitely feel like a bad parent if I let our daughter live with poop on her onesie. But what about less obvious reasons? Like when she gets milk on it while nursing? Or what about when she spits up? How much spit up is enough to warrent a change? Or is it the number of times one outfit gets spit up on? You're probably thinking, "Really? This is what you think about?" I guess these are the topics that occupy my thoughts these days. What's your opinion about the issue?


  1. I thought I would love playing "dress up" on my daughter when she was first born - NOT!!! That's just one more thing to do. So, what I would do is always have a bib on her during feedings and a little while after to hopefully contain the milk leftovers so you don't have to keep changing those onesies. I think I changed her if she smelled like throw up or it soaked through to her skin. I know, fun times, but it really does get better. I nursed (Haisley never had a drop of formula) the first 12 months and it becomes a breeze at about the 5 month mark. I know, seems like forever but if you can get to 5 months, it's so much easier. It sounds like you're really enjoying nursing. Such an unexplainable experience that is wonderful!

  2. Funny topic because we've discussed this multiple times over the past 10 days. I put Paisley in an outfit to sleep and she could stay in it until late the next day for all I'm concerned. She's happy and comfortable... and since she never spits up so far, there isn't anything on it. Now, she does have diaper explosions occasionally which warrants an immediate change!

  3. Oh Erica...I went through this same thing. Haddee & Emmee Kate lived in onesies for the first couple of months. I also put bibs on them for a while because of spit up. Emmee Kate would go through several bibs a day. I would only change her outfit if it was soaked, smelled horrible or she had a blowout!