Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Her daddy's daughter

I have never been very good at telling whether a baby looks like his or her mom or dad and our baby was no exception. Everyone who visited would tell us she looked like Kev, which I could see some similarities but it was still hard for me to tell...until Kev's mom brought us one of his baby pictures. I was SHOCKED...his baby picture looked just like Elliott, down to the way he was sucking in his bottom lip (she does this all the time but we haven't been able to catch a picture of it). As I looked at my baby picture, I was shocked that we really looked nothing alike. Funny how that works out. Now I know babies change as they age, but at least when Elliott was a newborn, she definitely favors her daddy. My mom visited this weekend and she decided she has my ears and hands. Kind of funny. At least there was no mistaking she was ours. :)
My baby picture
Kev's baby picture

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