Wednesday, October 13, 2010

11 pictures on the 11th

I saw this idea on a friend's blog...she took 11 pictures of her sweet baby girl on one day for her 11 waking hours. I thought it was such a fabulous idea, I would try it. Two things I quickly realized: it's not as easy as it seems and we do not have a very exciting life. Poor Elliott was blinded by the flash all day, because let's face it, she's not really up that much and when she is awake, she spends half the time eating/getting her diaper changed....both not really appropriate to photograph. Of course the 11th of this month fell on a boring day in our household (I try to do all our laundry/house cleaning on Mondays to get it out of the way). But boring and all, here they are.
Stretching to wake up in the morning.
I see eyeballs...
but they're still a little sleepy.
Reading books with mommy in the morning.
Surprise visit from daddy before lunch.
Chilling in the bouncy chair.
Loving it!
Talk time with mommy.
Tummy time under the activity gym.
All this playing makes a girl sleepy!

I realize this is only 10 pictures and 3 of the same event, but like I said, our life is kind of boring. We did also go to community group this night but unfortunately I forgot to take any pictures. :( I'll get better!


  1. Oh I just love her and her sweet faces! I don't think I can wait until Thanksgiving to see her...I might need to make a trip up in between somewhere! Love you guys!!

  2. We have the same bouncer seat! She is so cute and I think her day looks like lots of fun. I'm sure she wasn't complaining! How in the world do you manage do get laundry and housecleaning done? I'm still trying to figure that out...