Saturday, October 9, 2010

2 Months

I'm a several days behind in writing this post, but it has been a crazy week! I decided make the drive to my parents again (4 hours) myself. I started off pretty positive, but on the way down as Baby E was LOUDLY screaming, I questioned my sanity. A screaming baby in a car makes you feel completely can't turn around to give them their pacifier/comfort them, you don't want to pull over on the side of the road for safety reasons and if you do pull over to retrieve the pacifier, she spits it out before you've even started driving again, and you can't reason with them...a no win situation. I tried singing to her, talking to her, playing music, but when nothing worked, I ended up just turning up the music which helped drown out her cries and helped me not go completely crazy. Does that make me a bad mom? She eventually fell asleep after what seemed like an eternity. The trip home was mucho better and I was very thankful for that!

I cannot believe she is already 2 months old!!! The time has flown by, and it feels like she changes a little every day! Here are Miss Elliott's stats:

  • She is just fitting into 0-3 months clothes but I am now buying all 3-6 months clothes. I am frantically trying to put her in all of her cute 0-3 months outfits because she is growing out of them so fast.
  • We just moved up to size 2 diapers. Can you say blowouts? That seems to be our cue as to when she needs the next size up in diapers. Not a very fun cue.
  • She is still nursing every 3 hours during the day for about 15-20 minutes and is taking 1 bottle daily with 3-4 ounces from daddy. She loves to eat! I've tried to give the bottle to her once or twice and she said "forget it, give me the real deal lady".
  • Her last feeding is at 10 and she has been regularly sleeping until 4 or after then we wake her at 7 or 7:30. The last 2 nights she slept over 8 hours and we had to wake her at 7 or 7:30...I feel like a new woman! Longest sleep since she was born.
  • She still follows her eat/wake/sleep cycle really well and is usually up anywhere from 45 minutes to 1 hour.
  • She takes naps on her tummy during the day (I know, totally breaking the rules) and we still swaddle her at night.
  • Still loving that pacifier...we use it as a cue for naptime.
  • She LOVES to look at herself in the mirror. Hello beautiful.
  • She loves to stand and seems to be really strong.
  • She is smiling regularly at us (as well as the wall, ceiling, and other random inanimate objects) and has started to try to "talk" to us. LOVE it!
It's hard to catch a smile on camera but here's a little one.
LOVE.THIS.FACE. She does this frequently.
"Mom, I'm falling in the couch crack."
"What did you say?"
Chilling in the Moby wrap.
Words cannot express how much we love this little girl! She is super duper sweet! Can't get enough!


  1. She's adorable, Erica!!! I love to hear what she's doing because we're either doing the same thing or it's something I can expect in the future!

  2. She is so sweet!!!! Happy 2 month Baby E!!

  3. Ah. I love those pictures. I know I say that every time, but every time they are so stinkin adorable. So cute! Love you Erica. Miss you guys.

  4. Goodness...i remember car rides first couple of months... Alex used to cry too , he hated his carseat, at least that's what i thought. You are on brave woman to go on a road trip alone.. with a baby.. i am impressed! :)