Wednesday, October 20, 2010


First of all, thanks for your sweet comments on my last post...almost made me tear up. :) I had a revelation yesterday as I was dusting the bricks on our fireplace (yes, you heard me right) that maybe I have a little too much spare time on my hands and going back to work might help that. Not that I don't love dusting bricks, but I think I would quickly tire of doing projects such as this.

Have I mentioned I love fall? I know I'm not alone in my love for fall but here are some of my favorite things about fall.
I LOVE when the leaves change. This is a picture from last year because they are just starting to change colors this year.


Nothing like a good, hot drink from Starbucks...yummy. Although have I mentioned Kev and I are TOTALLY addicted to iced carmel macchiotas? Well we are, and I attribute this nasty habit to my mother who bought me one nearly every day she was here after Elliott was born (you just think I'm kidding). I hate to see this addiction end when cold weather hits (although it will probably help our budget...and my waist).

Love, love fall decorations. I'm not a big fan of decorating for Halloween, but I love me some fall leaves and pumpkins!
And of course MOST of all we love our little pumpkin!


  1. Erica, I'm totally with you. I'm not a big fan of Halloween decorations but I love all of the fall stuff.

  2. It does get easier. 8 months in and I'm just starting to look forward to work, but it's still hard and you will probably cry on your way to work the first day. I have thought a lot lately about all of life as worship, not being compartmentalized into thinking there's work and church and family, but that everything I do is an act of worship. As I walk to school every day I just try to worship. That's my only advice. :-) Every day is different as far as my emotions about it!

  3. Erica! I posted about fall yesterday it! Decor, Starbucks, anything fall-ish make my day. On going back to work, I struggled with this a lot too. I currently work part time as well and leaving Pearce is still tough at times. Having said that, I find peace in the truth that I am doing something I love and Pearce is thriving from the time he spends outside of my care. I also have a rule with myself: if I am having a tough time and feel like I need to be with Pearce, then I simply take the day to be with him. Show yourself grace during this time. PS...I also make some meals that can be frozen and cooked for dinner on nights when I simply want to be with the family but not eat out. It makes me feel like a better homemaker. ;)