Friday, October 15, 2010

2 Month Appointment

I have been anticipating/dreading this day for awhile. Anticipating to see how much Elliott has grown, but dreading the shots. My mom has always told me when I got my shots I never cried (apparently we were only given one shot instead of three at the same time), so I was hoping Elliott would follow in my footsteps. She must have taken after her daddy because she screamed and her little face turned beet red. Sadness. At least it's over...for another two months.

Here are her growth stats:

Weight 13 pounds 0 pounds (89%)
Length 23 1/4 inches (73%)
Head circumference 16 inches (85%)

She's a growing girl and that makes us happy!!


  1. She's a big girl!!! That must be superb milk you're feeding that one! I am dreading the shots, but I know she has to have them... :(

  2. Poor baby, I remember Lucy getting her first shots and she did the same thing. She turned blood red and had the long silent cry that was followed by the big loud cry. Breaks your heart.

  3. They grow so fast! It just seems like yesterday we were all pregnant and now they're all here and 2 months old! Baby E looks great!