Thursday, March 24, 2011

The dreaded short nap

Does anybody know what I'm talking about? It can look different and happen at all times of the day, but I hate each and every one of them. It's the kind of nap that allows her to feel just rested enough that she doesn't want to go back to sleep but totally grumpy/needy because she didn't get enough sleep. I have found that she almost ALWAYS falls asleep when we go on walks...I guess the movement of the stroller is just too darn relaxing to stay awake. It doesn't matter if we go at the first, middle or end of her wake time...she always ends up asleep, and I can never transfer her to her crib and she won't stay asleep in her stroller. It's basically an impossible situation. I guess I could walk for two hours, but that doesn't seem worth it.

The other place she falls asleep is in the car. If I can get home shortly after she falls asleep, I can transfer her to her crib. If not, it's the curse of the short nap. Then I've got a whiny, "don't put me down", "I'm not happy" kind of girl on my hands. If she gets a good nap, it is a happy day at our house. Amazing what a difference sleep makes.
A "good" nap. The camera flash didn't even wake her up.

Miss Elliott has been going through a new phase lately. She just got her second tooth a couple of weeks ago, so she has been going through the "bite mommy while I'm nursing" phase. It's loads of fun, let me tell you. I feel like I'm talking to Truman, saying "Elliott, don't bite" over and over. Most of the time, she just gets a big grin on her face when I say that. Hmmm...something must be getting lost in translation. Sometimes I wonder if she thinks it's all a fun game. Don't get me wrong, I love to see her little teeth, but understandably not a big fan of getting bitten by them in a sensitive area. Anyone have any recommendations? I figure/hope she'll grow out of it, but surely others have had experiences with this.


  1. Paisley just started teething this past week and I haven't gotten bitten yet, so I'm not excited about reading this! And those are the sharpest two teeth I've ever felt.

    Aaahh, the joys of the catnap. We do the same thing. In the stroller and the car. :)

  2. Maryn has been through a couple of biting phases. I kept a teething toy nearby when I'd nurse. I she bit me, I tried to keep from screaming, lol, then I stop feeding her and give her the teething toy. I wouldn't let her eat again for at least a couple of minutes. She stopped doing after a while, because she learned she didn't get to eat!

    And I hate the car seat nap! It happens every time we're on our way home from church - she sleeps for about 5 or 10 minutes, then we're home, and it's just impossible to get her into her crib to sleep - she's wide awake! ugh!

  3. Olivia's done this a few times. Aren't new teeth so exciting. It seems like I go through this every time she gets a new tooth...she has 6 now! I just say "OWWW" really firm. It's sad, but she looks at me and starts crying (like she knew it hurt my feelings). After that, I tell her that hurts mommy and hug her tight. I don't let her eat again at that setting, because that's what my dr told me. It seems to work. It's worth a try. Olivia went through that phase when I would say no to her getting into something she should and she would look at me and smile!! That little sin nature comes out early, huh?!