Saturday, March 5, 2011

Long weekend

I am loving this weekend for several reasons. First, Kev took off on Friday and I don't work Fridays so long weekend for us...yay! Second, we tried to plan minimal things this weekend so we could have extended time to hang out as a family. LOVE LOVE this! Don't get me wrong, I like busy weekends too, but since we made it back from our trip, I have been playing catch up and sadly failing (think a really dirty house with lots of laundry). Now, our free weekend has included some cleaning, laundry, and time with friends, but it has been very casual and unplanned which has been so refreshing.
So excited!

Tonight is "date night" and we're trying a new restaurant on Campus Corner. Exciting!

Random side note...E is going through a stage where she does NOT want to look at the camera. So the only way I can get her to look is by holding a toy up...hence the always looking away pictures. :) But it's either that or looking down.

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  1. Wow, she really looks grown up in this picture from the last pictures! It's crazy how they change so fast! She's so adorable!