Sunday, March 27, 2011

Night out

Kev and I got to have a night out with our sweet friends Stuart and Amy on Friday for Amy's 30th birthday. We had such a wonderful time! Elliott is still small enough that we still bring her with us frequently when we go out to dinner, and although she is a really good baby, I can never truly relax because I'm worried she's going to grab something she shouldn't (like a cup full of water or a hot plate), or I'm trying to entertain her by dangling toys in front of her or giving her a straw to play with, or I'm trying to feed her. Regardless what I'm doing, I feel like I end up shoving my food down and not truly able to enjoy dinner conversation. Friday night was such a great time to just chat, enjoy a delicious meal and dessert from Legends, then we got to go to Scandals at OU.
Have I mentioned how much I LOVE Scandals and USing?! So much fun for multiple reasons. 1. It's like watching short Broadway shows. They are SO good and I think they get better each year. 2. I love to see the "college" fashion, although it usually makes me feel sadly unfashionable. Amy and I really enjoyed people watching, and seeing what the "kids" are wearing these days. Does that make us old?
We look pretty cool for a couple of moms, right? :)
My little sister came from Texas for the weekend and watched Elliott for us on Friday. It was such a huge blessing! We loved getting to spend time with her this weekend, and Elliott thought Aunt Lacey was pretty cool! Love ya Lace!!

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  1. Oh I love that! I'm sure it was so nice to get out for the night. So great that Lacey was able to come too :) Those pics of them playing together are so sweet.