Friday, August 19, 2011


I'm back in business!! We finally got internet yesterday and I feel like a new woman today...well, maybe not a new woman but pretty darn good. It's amazing how helpless you feel without internet. It always makes me consider using the internet less, then I think, "Well that's a silly idea." :)

Our house is slowly and surely coming together, which I'm so thankful for. I'm still planning on posting pictures soon, I just want to get a few more pictures up. I really like our house in South Bend, but sometimes I don't feel like it fits the decorations we used in Norman. It is definitely a bungalow/craftsman style which is really neat and unique, but our house in Norman definitely was not craftsman. Just a little different look.

Don't hate me Oklahoma friends, but the weather has still been absolutely gorgeous here. It feels hot today and the high is 85. We have been taking at least once a day walks (and we don't have to leave at 7 to beat the heat), and it has been pretty fantastic. Don't get me wrong...I do realize our weather will definitely NOT be good all year. We have had many locals give us advice on how to prepare. My two favorite tips...don't wait for the first snow to buy a shovel or boots because the stores will be completely out. So fascinating to me. I definitely did not own a pair of snow boots in Oklahoma.

When my parents were visiting, we took a day trip to St. Joseph, Michigan. It is a really cute town that lies right on Lake Michigan. They actually have sandy beaches, volleyball nets, a carousel, splash pad, etc. We had a lot of fun exploring but came grossly unprepared without our swimsuits, beach towels, or really anything applicable to a beach. Here's a few pics from exploring the town.

We tried to get some cute pictures of Elliott sitting on a bale of hay...definitely did not happen. She was WAY too distracted by the hay.

Elliott was not cooperating with pictures. I realize this as I look back and see she wasn't looking in any of them.
Elliott sitting on the "corn dog" statue. It probably would have been cuter to actually see the corn dog. Oh well.
Riding the carousel with dad and Papa.
Pretty flower we found while exploring.

Such a long post I know. Hopefully I can find more interesting things to post about!

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