Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Gnats and farmers market

When I was in college, several of my girl friends and I were renting an old house just blocks from campus. We had an ant infestation, and I thought it was the worst.thing.ever. They got in our sugar, our cereal, all over our counters, and everything else you can imagine. I felt utterly helpless and completely disgusted. Luckily, Kev's dad is an exterminator and he gave us the best ant killer EVER!!

Then, when Kev and I were living in our house in Norman, we had an unbearable fly problem one summer. What started off with a couple of flies literally turned into hundreds...and I'm not exaggerating. I think one day I killed 90+ flies. How could it get worse than that, right?

Now....we have gnats. They look pretty harmless at first. Not as pervasive as ants, and initially not as annoying as flies, but I think they are getting worse by the day and it is driving me CRAZY!! They are really hard to kill because they're so small, and I have felt that same helpless feeling I had with the ants. My friend told me to put a cup with vinegar in it, put seran wrap on top, and poke small holes in it. Apparently they are drawn to the scent of the vinegar, crawl in, but then can't get out. I've discovered they DEFINITELY like vinegar, but I'm not sure if I made the holes too big/too small, because there seems to be the same number in the cup every time I go over. Maybe the other gnats are just smarter than the ones in the cup. Who knows. All I know is they ALL need to die...SOON.

So enough about gnats, on a happier note, Miss Elliott and I decided to venture out to the Farmers Market today. I loved the Farmers Market in Norman...it was open two days a week during the summer and we got many great veggies there. Well this new market did not disappoint.
It was bigger than the one in Norman, and they had lots of things beyond fruits and veggies (meats, cheeses, honey, dressing, eggs, etc). It is inside so it is open all year long...awesome! There were TONS of selections of fruits and veggies, all very reasonably priced.
I got all of this for less than $5.
Here's Miss E, chilling in her stroller.
Here she is again AFTER she decided she didn't want to wear her hair up any longer. This is a battle we are dealing with all the time lately. We are trying to grow out her bangs, so when her hair is not up, it gets all in her eyes. We affectionately call her "shaggy dog." Drives me nuts that she won't just leave her hair up!
When I was downloading pictures off my phone, I found a couple of other cute pictures. This is Elliott and her new friend Maryn. They are a month apart in age and we're convinced they will be BFF. They have a lot in common...they both LOVE to swing,
and they loved to look at each other while they ate lunch.
This picture makes me laugh every time I see it. We have a REALLY difficult time locking Truman outside when anyone is here. He goes CRAZY and basically has a panic attack. In Norman, we were able to lock him in our laundry room. No such luck here. But we have found he will calm down if we put him in his cage. Elliott LOVES when he is in his cage. She walks all around his cage and just talks to him...pretty hilarious.


  1. miss you and Kevin tons! Love the pics of baby E as well as the ones of your baby bump #2. Hope you're doing well. Love, Anissa

  2. we have those blasted gnats, too! driving me crazy! i'm trying your vinegar idea!