Thursday, August 25, 2011

She's a walking girl

It was a momentous day in our household...Miss Elliott took her first steps! She is such a big girl. She kind of acted like she had been walking for a long time. I know some people really dread their kids walking, but I'm really excited about it. She has been so much happier since she can cruise and crawl, so I think she'll really enjoying her new found independence.

We met Kev on campus today for a little picnic. So much fun! The weather was perfect...low 70s, sunny with a nice breeze. What more could you ask for? I brought my camera but it was dead, so we had to settle for poor quality iPhone pics.
Not a great picture with the sun, but I love how she has her tongue stuck out!

"You're pretty cool, Dad."
I know we need to take ADVANTAGE of these beautiful days!

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