Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The zoo...again.

Elliott and I ventured out to the zoo today with several other moms and their kiddos from the small group we've been going to.

She really liked the zoo this time...
Her favorite animal was the leopard. It was pacing right in front of the glass which gave her a very easy view. She tried talking loudly to it, waving to it, then she tried to call it like she calls Truman. Pretty funny. My favorite were the pink flamingos. They were so beautiful!
I didn't get a picture with all of the other kids just Miss E and her friend Maryn.
After dinner tonight, we ventured out to Let's Spoon...the one self-serve (that we know of) place in South Bend. Norman has like 5 which is a little overkill in my opinion. I had pretty low expectations of the place, but it was actually REALLY delicious. Elliott LOVED it and kept saying "Mmmm" after every bite. I think she has a sweet tooth like her Mama.

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