Monday, September 26, 2011

27 weeks and a date

I've been a little MIA lately, but I have a very good reason. My mom is here and it has been AM-AZ-ING!! I don't know if I am going to let her leave (she is scheduled to fly out on Wednesday). One day left. Makes me sad thinking about it. Among the many things we have done, she let Kev and I go out for a date night on Friday. We had a fun time with a night on a town. Dinner, dessert and lots of conversation...without a little girl.
We got to dress up (okay, dress up for me) which was fun. I even got to wear my new maternity jeggings...I know, I'm such a stylish preggo. :)
Love this guy!
Here is my 27 week belly shot. I feel like I'm getting bigger by the day...literally. I don't remember it happening this fast with Elliott.
In case you were wondering what I looked like at 27 weeks with Elliott, here ya go. I am definitely bigger now. It makes me a little nervous to think I still have 3 months to go.


  1. I think you look great! And I loooove the ensemble ;)

  2. In case you were taking a poll, I don't think you look any bigger this time around. Just as pretty as usual!

  3. Aww...thanks you guys! You make a girl feel GOOD!