Saturday, September 10, 2011

Date night + the girl

Kev and I try to have date nights once a week. Sometimes we're alone but a lot of times we bring Miss E. We're finding it slightly more difficult to bring her to restaurants these days, unless it's a loud place (distracts her and also covers her screaming if she gets upset) and a place where it is appropriate to throw food on the floor (always happens that she has a "food circle" surrounding her high chair after the meal).

So last night we decided to eat at home (another new delicious soup recipe in our books...I'm on a role), and then go out for dessert.
We've been wanting to try this place since we moved here and it did not disappoint.
We all three enjoyed a piece of "Chocolate Explosion" paired with some decaf coffee (water for E). Yummy!
Elliott was not a fan of the overstuffed bear...
but she loved the fake "tree house" play area in the back.

We will definitely be frequenting this place again. We might even take anyone who decides to come visit us. Any takers?

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