Monday, September 5, 2011

24 weeks

The sound and feel of Fall is in the air here in South Bend. As I sit here on my couch, I hear the leaves rustling, feel the coolness of the air, and it feels like Fall. We had a couple of warm days last week (it got up to 96 degrees), and with just two warm days, I was ready for some cooler temperatures again. It was a cool 53 degrees when Miss Elliott and I took our morning walk today and it made me realize 3 things:
  1. I LOVE the Fall!!
    1. Fall means that Winter is right around the corner (and I'm bracing myself for truly experiencing a winter for the first time in my life).
    2. Elliott and I are in desperate need of a new wardrobe. She has outgrown most of her cooler weather clothes, and I have never been pregnant in the winter. I must admit, although it's slightly exciting to think about getting new clothes, shopping for maternity clothes is not *quite* as exciting. I always feel very irritated they charge such high prices for mediocre clothes because they can. Taking advantage of us poor pregnant girls. :)
    I was 24 weeks on Saturday so I thought I would post a few belly pics.
    Baby boy's growing!

    Although I have still been feeling pretty well, I started having some intermittent groin/sciatic pain. There was a day a couple weeks ago I literally could hardly walk. As I was contemplating crawling around to avoid the intense pain, I started to panic. How could I function trying to care for a baby with such limited mobility? I NEVER had pain like this when I was pregnant with Elliott and I'm convinced it's because I am constantly carrying around an almost 25 pound child. 25 pound girl+lax ligaments=serious pain. I have adjusted the way I carry her and have been trying to carry her less and the pain has definitely improved. I still have 16 weeks to go so I'm expecting it to get worse as I get farther along.

    Anybody else ever experience this type of pain? What are some fun Fall adventures you plan on doing?


    1. You look so adorable!! I understand about buying pregnancy clothes...not fun! I also have been having right sided groin pain. Not comfortable, and I feel like I limp constantly. Miss you!

    2. Of course, after I was pregnant, I found that Ross had some super cute maternity clothes and at way better prices. Not sure if they have Ross in Indiana but worth a try! You look great! Glad things are going well up north! :)

    3. Erica you look amazing, and now you get to be pregnant in the cool weather! Yay!