Sunday, September 18, 2011


Norman was a BIG college football town which we LOVED, so even though we weren't Notre Dame fans, we were pretty thrilled to be moving to a town where college football was a big deal. Kev, Elliott and I got to experience our first Notre Dame game day yesterday when they *finally* won their first game of the season against Michigan State and we were not disappointed. We didn't actually get to go the game (didn't figure going to our first Notre Dame game with a one year old would be the experience we were hoping for), but we really enjoyed just soaking up the atmosphere.
I love the hustle and bustle of game days...excitement in the air, random school chants breaking out as people walk to the stadium, walking in a sea of green or blue (even though I was a total rebel in gray with red beads...silently supporting my Sooners). It was the perfect day for a football game...70 degrees and sunny. We were thankful we got to go before it gets unbelievably cold. We met up with some of Kev's classmates who were tailgating, then walked to campus.

The famous Touchdown Jesus. A few random facts:
  • This is the southern facade of the main library and it faces the stadium.
  • It's made of a mosaic of different colors of marble.
  • His head is 8 feet tall and it is 40 feet from hand to hand.
  • Contrary to popular belief, this has nothing to do with football.
I'm sure you all wanted to know that, right? I thought it was pretty interesting.
The Bean, just taking it all in in her stroller.

After Miss Elliott's nap, we watched the game with some friends from church then that night we hosted some friends from Kev's program to watch the OU game. And can I just say BOOMER SOONER! We were so glad we beat the Seminoles. Not an easy game to watch. What a fantastic Saturday!

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