Saturday, December 10, 2011

16 Month Stats

Elliott went to the doctor Friday for her 15 month appointment (although she was 16 months). I was so glad to learn that she was finishing up the last of her routine vaccinations until she is 4! So exciting! I just wish she realized that. She still was pretty sad to get her shots. :(

Here are her 16 month stats:
Height-33 3/4 inches (99%)
Weight-27 pounds, 13 ounces (95%)
Head-19 3/4 inches (100%)

I'm amazed she is still in the upper 90s for all her stats! She seems like a normal size to us, but I am always amazed how much taller she is than her peers. I've even had several people ask me if she is one EVER guess she is not even 18 months yet. So funny!

I'm feeling more and more prepared for Baby Boy to be here! I'm not sure if Kev would say the same thing (he's still working on studying for a final/final project), but I feel like I have accomplished some major things recently. We finally went on a tour of the OB floor at the hospital today so we now know where to go when I go into labor, I've frozen 4 or 5 meals in preparation, I washed his clothes and crib sheets, I've sent out Christmas cards and almost finished all my Christmas shopping, finished almost all of my thank you notes, and we finally got his bedding on his bed.

Did I mention he has to sleep in our room? Our house has 2 rooms and a "sleeping porch." Before we moved here, we just assumed we would use the sleeping porch as a bedroom, but when we got here, we quickly realized there were some serious drawbacks to that idea. First, the room is not well insulated so it it gets REALLY cold during the winter...not necessarily something you want for your kiddo. Also, the only way to get to it is through Elliott's bedroom. Many obvious problems with this, namely, 2 awake kids in the middle of the night=insanity. Then we came up with our second idea...we have a large closet in our bedroom that we're not really using and we originally thought we would put him in there, until we realized it was just big enough for the crib but would be difficult getting him in and out (not to mention change the sheets) and the closet is really cold. So finally we came up with the option above...him sleeping in our room. We bought PVC pipe and curtains so we are going to section the room off...we'll see how it works. Oh the fun NEVER.STOPS. We're ready for our little man to be here!

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