Saturday, December 31, 2011

He's here!!

Mason Everett was born on December 25th...that's right, Christmas 4:34 pm. Nothing was quite as I had anticipated but he made his arrival according to his timing, and we are so blessed that he was a healthy baby boy. He is amazingly perfect and we are SO in love. I have enjoyed our first week with our precious baby boy so much more than I did with Elliott. I loved my first week with Elliott but I was anxious about so many things that I feel like I missed the sweetness of the moments you have with a newborn, not to mention I was still surprisingly uncomfortable from having a baby. This time around, I have been able to enjoy the sweetness of snuggling Mason, even if it is in the middle of the night, I have enjoyed seeing his funny expressions and hearing his little noises, I love feeling the softness of his newborn skin. He has been so much fun! All this being said, I'm definitely tired and look forward to sleeping for greater than 3 hour increments sometime in the distant future, but for now, I'm trying to relish these sweet times, because I know they pass oh so quickly. I'm planning on posting more details about his birth etc...hopefully soon, but no guarantees. I'm sleep deprived and have a very active toddler to chase around. My new normal.

Elliott's first meeting with Mason. She gave him lots of kisses!
Our first picture with our son after his delivery.
Perfect little footprints.
Such an alert little guy.


  1. I'm so excited for you!!! He's precious and SO tiny. I can't even remember Paisley being so little now. Enjoy!

  2. Congratulations! He is so sweet! I'm glad your getting to enjoy those precious moments with him.

  3. What a handsome little boy! I've been thinking about you! Glad he's finally here!

  4. I love the Estep family! He looks so much like Kevin to me!!! I love that Elliott is kissing him. Olivia LOVES kissing Sophie too. I bet she will be very motherly too!

  5. He is so sweet and yes, I'm still in the fog also. No more than 3 hours of sleep makes me look like a very tired momma but isn't it even more wonderful the second time?! I completely agree of enjoying it so much more this time around. Newborns are so sweet and they grow up so fast! Congrats to you guys and I pray he starts sleeping through the night soon. I'm still waiting on that one myself with Stratton (7 wks old).