Tuesday, December 6, 2011

16 Months Old

I can't believe Miss E is 16 months old! I have been really terrible with her monthly updates after she turned 1 years old, but I have been looking back at my previous updates to complete her baby book and it is SO fun to see what she was doing. It is also AMAZING how much I have forgotten already. So with that in mind, I thought it would be fun to try to right more consistent updates. We'll see how long my resolve lasts. :)
  • She is wearing 18-24 month/24 month/2T clothes. 18-24 month clothes are actually getting a little tight. I typically buy 2T shirts because they are a little longer in the torso.
  • She just started wearing size 5 shoes.
  • She wears size 6 diapers...size 6! I think it's the largest diaper they sell at the store. Craziness! Guess the next step is to potty train her. :)
  • She is definitely a much pickier eater than she used to be which is SO sad to me. She doesn't really like any veggies and very limited fruits. I started buying the baby food packets (that are ridiculously overpriced in my opinion), and she will eat those. Her favorite foods include peanut butter and honey sandwiches, eggs, any carbohydrate/bread, and CHOCOLATE! I have given chocolate to Elliott several times only to see her have a *complete meltdown* when I wouldn't give her more. It was not pretty. So I'm unsure how much chocolate she'll be getting. My mom also introduced her to orange mango juice which she LOVES. She actually has never drank juice at all until she tried the special juice...she may never be the same. As soon as she finishes her half cup, she frantically starts signing more and pointing to the refrigerator. Pretty hilarious. At least she still loves water too.
Don't you love the actual boxes under our tree? I'm not sure if E will try to unwrap the presents so we're just not even dealing with that battle right now. Elliott loves to sit at the step at the bottom of our stairs. It's pretty funny.
Elliott feeding her baby her water bottle.
  • Elliott runs CONSTANTLY. She is constantly on the go and into EVERYTHING. She loves to explore, open/close things, take things out, etc. We were playing in the living room the other day and the room was a mess (no surprise), but as I looked around, I realized there was maybe 1 toy out and everything else was just nontoy things she likes to play with...things in drawers, coasters, books, etc. Why do we even buy toys?
  • She still LOVES Truman and recently has wanted to try to stand on him. We try to discourage this, but she thinks it's pretty funny.
  • Recently, she started walking around on her toes. It is so funny! She also loves to walk backwards...she always gets a funny smile on her face when she does it.
  • She has never been into her babies or stuffed animals, but recently she has really loved her baby. She wants to wrap her up in the blanket (or have me wrap her), then she unwraps...repeat. She also wants me to put her shirt on so she can take it off. She sits in her chair and pats her baby's back. Hopefully those motherly instincts continue when Baby Boy gets here.
  • She LOVES Praise Baby DVDs...she immediately gets calm when she watches them. She also loves to watch videos we have taken of her on our iPhones. It is our go-to if she gets fussy or we need to give her medicine or any other unpleasant task. Is that bad?
  • She has so many more opinions and thoughts about EVERYTHING...the challenge is just trying to figure out what she wants sometimes. She is getting much better about communicating and nods her head emphatically when I guess right.
Downing her water. It obviously works better this way.
  • This age is SO much fun! She is learning so much and so inquisitive about everything. It is also a very exhausting age because she gets very angry/frustrated when she doesn't get her way. Not always easy to know how to deal with these fits but we're learning...as is she...hopefully.
There is SO much more that she is doing, but this post is definitely long enough...and I need to go to bed. We love our little Ellie Bean!

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