Wednesday, February 1, 2012


I've been a little out of the pocket with blogging lately, so I'm going to do two posts in 1 day to catch up. Amazing, I know. As long as both kids stay asleep long enough for me to get it written. It took me 4 days to do the last post because I had to write it in small increments of time. One of the reasons I have been out of pocket is because my parents were visiting us this past week. It's always a happy day when Mimi and Papa come visit. My mom has actually been here 4 times in the 6 months we have been here (kinda crazy but wonderful) and this was the second time for my dad to visit. He also had never met Mason. It was such an amazing, sweet visit, and my heart broke to see them go today. It was SO nice to have some extra help caring for two kids, and also just get to hang out together. We didn't do anything spectacular and yet it was all so fun.

I always have to mentally regroup when they leave. I have to remind myself, "You can do this. You can care for two kids." The power of positive thinking, right? I know I can, it's just so much easier when they are here. :) These are the moments that my heart grieves to live so far away. We don't know when we'll get to see them again. It may not be until the summer. SUMMER...sounds so far away. It makes my heart sad to think so much time might pass before Elliott and Mason get to see their Mimi and Papa. I know that God has us here for a reason, and I really feel confident that this is where we are supposed to be, but that doesn't mean there aren't days where it's still hard to be so far not be able to just visit for the weekend.
Sweet kisses.
I wanted to post this picture so you can see my dad's Truman wound. Truman is also abundantly glad when they come to visit because my dad always plays with him. However, Truman can sometimes be a little rough with his play. When they were wrestling on the ground, Truman swung his head and around and clocked my dad in the eyebrow. My dad had blood running down his face and somehow cut his lip as well. It truly looked like he got in a fight...especially since around his eye got all swollen and discolored. So sad.

We love you Mimi and Papa and can't wait for you to come again!


  1. Ohhh Erica I can't imagine! It must be so hard to see them leave! I'll be praying for you over these next few months that it gets easier.

  2. Such sweet pictures. So sad that you wont get to see them for awhile.